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NetworkTrafficView is a lightweight portable application that helps you keep track of all the data packages that get sent or received on your network.

It's very easy to use. You just have to indicate which network you want to monitor and the application immediately starts collecting data. This information includes: the IP addresses (the origin as well as the address that a user connects to), the size of the data package, the transmission speed, along with lots of other data.

This application is extremely lightweight and, not taking into account the capture drivers, it can be used on any computer without having to be installed. If you want to know exactly how your computer uses the Internet, NetworkTrafficView keeps you informed of every detail.

Requires at least one of the following capture drivers:
· WinPcap Capture Driver
· Microsoft Network Monitor Driver version 2.x (Only for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
· Microsoft Network Monitor Driver version 3.x

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